Cafe Chill Episode 2023-45: Birocratic, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and more

A view of a calm waterfront marina, including a dock with many parked boats behind it. The terrain in the background is hilly.

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Café Chill is Public Radio’s weekly curated chill mix, produced by KNHC National Productions ( in Seattle, and heard on noncommercial radio stations across the USA.

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Birocratic, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and more. Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


  • Laflamme – Oceana
      Release: Palm
      Label: Underground Parking
  • Letherette – Sun Up
      Release: Brown Lounge Vol. 5
      Label: Wulf
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Brush
      Release: I Could Be Your Dog / I Could Be Your Moon
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Haunted Lakes – Disappearance
      Release: The SS Chicora | Disappearance
      Label: Haunted Lakes
  • Koresma – Free (Marley Carroll Remix)
      Release: North Remixes – EP
      Label: Koresma
  • Tomas Novoa – Tundra
      Release: Espacio Negativo – EP
      Label: Tomas Novoa
  • Flamingosis – Hidden Attraction
      Release: Great Hair
      Label: Flamingosis
  • Special Q – Reach the Top
      Release: Freedom – Single
      Label: Stratford Ct.
  • Birocratic – snowdown
      Release: Snowdown – Single
      Label: Birocracy
  • Poldoore & Ian Urbina – Nomad
      Release: Astray (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ – a book by Ian Urbina) – Single
      Label: The Outlaw Ocean LLC
  • Frameworks – Titles
      Release: Kings
      Label: FRAMEWORKS
  • Jinsang – Never Know
      Release: In Flight
      Label: VinDig
  • Nemea – Silva (Pt. 2)
      Release: Bare/Silva/Mirror
      Label: Nemea
  • Edamame – Lungs Full
      Release: Virga
      Label: Abandon Building Records
  • Soft Static – 05
      Release: Warrior in a Garden
      Label: 3736632 Records DK
  • Stumbleine – Ember
      Release: Ghosting
      Label: Stumbleine
  • Mndsgn – Hiking
      Release: Breatharian
      Label: MERLIN – Fresh Selects

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Photo: “Calm on the Water” A photo of Bay Street Lake on a cold but normal afternoon with a railway, houses, mountains, shipyards, boats, and grass with little lavender spots in the background. Credit: Darius Doom Scott, JSMS Photography Club, February 18, 2022, Bay Street Lake. Used by permission.

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