Cafe Chill Episode 2024-15: Avocado Combat, Kalaido and more

A white flowering rhododendron bush with green leaves. Sunlight dapples the leaves, and a blurred evergreen forest fills the background.

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Hey, it was really great to hear from everyone who hung out with us live in Seattle last week. The fundraiser was a success!

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Avocado Combat, Kalaido and more . Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


• A L E X – Cube
  Release: Beatsupply: Crate02 – EP
  Label: Beatsupply

• Peter Bark – Hidden Trails
  Release: Empty Rooms
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Segue – West Coast Rain
  Release: Pacifica
  Label: 1468568 Records DK

• Panda Coast – Shiloh
  Release: Something to Hold Onto
  Label: 691237 Records DK

• Ethan Wilson – World Lines
  Release: Relativity – EP

• Kalaido – Mist Over a Pond
  Release: View Through the Mist – EP
  Label: Hip Dozer

• Avocado Combat – Homecoming
  Release: S.U.R.F.!
  Label: Avocado Combat

• SwuM & Delayde – Motions
  Release: Chillhop Essentials Spring 2021
  Label: Chillhop Music

• Moshun – Strawberry Cheesecake
  Release: Emotions
  Label: Moshun Sound

• Jinsang – In the Rain
  Release: Drafts // Concepts Vol.1 – EP
  Label: 1302675 Records DK

• Lone – Jaded
  Release: Reality Testing
  Label: R&S Records

• D.K. – High on the Sea
  Release: Island of Dreams
  Label: Antinote

• Space Ghost – 4 Am
  Release: 4 Am – Single
  Label: Tartelet Records

• Uinta – Taw
  Release: Sweetest
  Label: mind.slave

• Teen Daze – Looking West
  Release: Late Summer Compilation Vol.10 (Part II)
  Label: LAGASTA

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Photo: “White Rhododendron”. Credit: Mount Rainier National Park/National Park Service, public domain.

Have a wonderful day!