Cafe Chill Episode 2024-18: beachowl, Rejoicer and more

Rugged landscape bathed in the golden unseen sunset. Dark, rolling hills stretch towards a horizon ablaze with yellow.

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Café Chill, a weekly radio program featuring chill music mixes, is produced by KNHC National Productions (C89.5 FM) in Seattle and broadcast on public radio stations across the USA. This week’s show includes tracks from artists like beachowl, rosequartz, Helios and Hollie Kennif, and more.

Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


• beachowl – Abysmal
  Release: Motel Pools – EP
  Label: 3361561 Records DK

• rosequartz – interlude
  Release: interlude – Single

• Helios and Hollie Kennif – Wild Light
  Release: Wild Light – Single
  Label: Helios and Hollie Kennif

• Rejoicer – Graveyard Party
  Release: This Is Reasonable
  Label: Circus Company

• Brothertiger – Outer Zone
  Release: Fundamentals, Vol. V
  Label: Brothertiger

• Invention – Landrace
  Release: Landrace – Single
  Label: Chillhop Music

• Boards of Canada – Nothing Is Real
  Release: Tomorrow’s Harvest
  Label: Warp Records

• Eagle Eyed Tiger – Feathers
  Release: Feathers
  Label: Orbital Rendezvous

• Firephly – A Fracture In Time
  Release: A Fracture In Time – Single
  Label: Firephly

• Site Nonsite – Caravan Tokyo
  Release: Tokyo – EP
  Label: Obvious Things

• Joe Nora – Cat Creek
  Release: SVMMER SVN, Vol. 7

• King Shi – Father’s Love
  Release: Jupiter Blues
  Label: Tekhedz, Millennium Jazz Music

• RUMTUM – Shade Fader
  Release: Isles in Indigo
  Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

• Arovane – Tides
  Release: Tides
  Label: MERLIN – City Centre Offices

• Caleb Belkin – Waves
  Release: Natural Sounds
  Label: SXN

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Photo: “Sunset Point”. Credit: Capitol Reef National Park/National Park Service, public domain.

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