Cafe Chill Episode 2023-40: Lusine, Planet Boelex and more

A mid-sized creek flowing down the grassy and hilly side of a large mountain. The creek has rocks in it, and small waterfalls that form as a result of the rocks and elevation decrease. The land surrounding the creek is covered by short shrubbery that is green and yellow. There are sparsely located evergreen trees. In the background is a ridge obscured by mist or fog.

Thanks to everyone who hung out with us on the membership drive last week on C89.5 in Seattle. It was really fun reaching the requirements of those challenge grants! (It was also fun accidentally playing the wrong remix of the Donna Lewis song.)

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Café Chill is Public Radio’s weekly curated chill mix, produced by KNHC National Productions ( in Seattle, and heard on noncommercial radio stations across the USA.

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Lusine, Planet Boelex and more. Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


  • Reside in Flames – Sinclair Our Flight Has Arrived
      Release: Sundials Telescopes – EP
      Label: 3193825 Records DK
  • Hotel Pools & Forhill – Descent
      Release: Stratford Ct. Secret Selection #31 – 40
      Label: Stratford Ct.
  • Jon Hopkins – Immunity
      Release: Immunity
      Label: Domino Recording Co
  • Possums at Twilight – Awake
      Release: Interobject
      Label: Possums at Twilight
  • Casino Versus Japan – Marilyn Set Me Free
      Release: Hitori + Kaiso (1998 – 2001)
      Label: Attacknine Records
  • Sun Glitters – Feel It (feat. Suzy Q. Smith)
      Release: Everything Could Be Fine
      Label: Sun Glitters
  • Brothomstates – Mdrmx
      Release: Claro
      Label: Warp Records
  • Spring In A Small Town – Compassion
      Release: Spring in a Small Town
      Label: flau
  • Teen Daze – Apricot Sunset (A Void)
      Release: Pure Water (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina)
      Label: Synesthesia Media
  • Terekke – Need U
      Release: Plant Age
      Label: L.I.E.S.
  • Warm Ghost – I Will Return (Heathered Pearls’ Coasting In Circles Remix)
      Release: Loyal
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Lusine – Rafters
      Release: Long Light
      Label: Ghostly International
  • Lord Of The Isles – Waiting in Arisaig
      Release: Whities 029 – EP
      Label: AD 93
  • Astropilot & Althai – Ai-Petri
      Release: Diary of a Restless Mind (Extended Version)
      Label: AstroPilot Music
  • Planet Boelex – Upset Hexadecimal
      Release: Approach
      Label: Planet Boelex

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Photo: “Edith Creek in Autumn”. Credit: Mount Rainier National Park/National Park Service, public domain.

Have a week full of happy accidents!