Cafe Chill Episode 2024-26: Helios and Hollie Kennif, Affelaye and more

Lush green Alaskan hills roll towards snow-capped mountains in the distance. A lone deer stands in the foreground.

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Café Chill is Public Radio’s weekly curated chill mix, produced by KNHC National Productions (C89.5) in Seattle, and heard on noncommercial radio stations across the USA.

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Helios and Hollie Kennif, Affelaye and more. Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


• Just Big Hills – Acacia
  Release: Acacia – Single
  Label: Inner Ocean Records

• Different Sleep – Turbulance
  Release: Next Time I See You – Single
  Label: Different Sleep

• Deep Shoq – Forward
  Release: Pause – EP

• Dillard – Regeneration
  Release: Palm Skyline

• Volcanic Shores – Glide
  Release: Shoreline – EP
  Label: Independent

• Rsrch Chmcls – This Evening
  Release: This Evening – EP
  Label: 956233 Records DK

• Firephly – Shadows Unveiled
  Release: Shadows Unveiled – Single
  Label: Firephly

• Helios and Hollie Kennif – Sepal
  Release: Sepal – Single
  Label: Helios and Hollie Kennif

• Affelaye – Parhelion
  Release: The Swim – EP
  Label: Bad Taste

• Hector Plimmer – Let’s Stay
  Release: Sunshine
  Label: Albert’s Favourites

• Site Nonsite – Caravan Tokyo
  Release: Tokyo – EP
  Label: Obvious Things

• Dillard – Lust
  Release: Empress LP
  Label: D93 Audio

• Feverkin – Silhouette
  Release: Silhouette – Single
  Label: 559975 Records DK2

• Frameworks – Kings
  Release: Kings
  Label: MERLIN – Loci Records

• Ox The Moron & Chirofafa – Sleptime
  Release: Rising Tides 015

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Photo: “Summer”. Credit: Denali National Park and Preserve, public domain.