Cafe Chill Episode 2024-28: Warriors of the Dystotheque, Smokestax & Rsrch Chmcls, and more

Glacier carving through valley to meet a body of water, surrounded by steep mountains with summer snow caps and evergreen trees along shore.

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Café Chill is Public Radio’s weekly curated chill mix, produced by KNHC National Productions (C89.5) in Seattle, and heard on noncommercial radio stations across the USA.

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from Warriors of the Dystotheque, Smokestax & Rsrch Chmcls, and more. Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


• Warriors of the Dystotheque – Telepathic Tacos
  Release: It’s A Beautiful Thing
  Label: Warriors of the Dystotheque

• Koji. – Solstice
  Release: Solstice – Single
  Label: Cafe Quality

• Smokestax & Rsrch Chmcls – Exploration
  Release: Next Chapter – Single
  Label: all:Lo

• il:lo – Biome
  Release: Biome – Single
  Label: Nettwerk Music Group

• Yppah – Eastwood Park (Bonus Track)
  Release: Eighty One (Bonus Track Version)
  Label: Ninja Tune

• altered sigh – Until Tomorrow
  Release: Until Tomorrow – Single
  Label: Lost Sounds

• AWITW – The Mist
  Release: Inside World
  Label: Golden Forest Records

• Horizon Fire – Asimov
  Release: Earthlight
  Label: 579457

• Rosentwig – Dawsonia
  Release: Dawsonia – Single
  Label: 904678 Records DK

• Yu-Utsu – Sun
  Release: Yu-Utsu
  Label: Midwest Collective

• Fujii – Sleep On The Way
  Release: EUPHORIA
  Label: -AVERSIAC-

• Orange Crush – Invocation
  Release: Autumn Reflections
  Label: Orange Crush

• Soular Order – Liminal
  Release: 01/21 (A Live Album for Jamuary)
  Label: Soular Order

• Tom Day – Train to Nagano
  Release: Train to Nagano – Single
  Label: Peaks

• High Tides – Zolar
  Release: Zolar – Single
  Label: Rad Cult

• Hello Meteor – Next Time, Buddy! (DISQUALIFIED)
  Release: The Oahu GP 2: Hyper Tropic
  Label: Evergreen Prefecture

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Photo: “Glacier”. Credit: Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve/National Park Service, public domain.