Cafe Chill Episode 2023-25: do_tell, A.L.I.S.O.N & Hotel Pools, and more

The outline of a backlit mountain. In the background is a colorful sky, illuminated by bright pink, yellow and purple clouds at sunset.

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Café Chill is Public Radio’s weekly curated chill mix, produced by KNHC National Productions (C89.5 FM) in Seattle, USA.

The latest episode of Cafe Chill includes tracks from do_tell, A.L.I.S.O.N & Hotel Pools, and more. Hosted by Seth. Working in the background is me (Richard).


  • do_tell – dream in color
      Release: radicle [tape]
      Label: do_tell
  • Gold Panda – Pink and Green
      Release: Good Luck and Do Your Best
      Label: City Slang
  • Yppah – Shot into the Sun
      Release: Sunset in the Deep End
      Label: Future Archive Recordings
  • Elsa Hewitt – Inhaler
      Release: Lupa
      Label: ERH
  • A.L.I.S.O.N & Hotel Pools – Lifted
      Release: Ultrasound
      Label: Tone Tree Music / Wild Nature / Stratford Ct.
  • Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam
      Release: …I Care Because You Do
      Label: Warp Records
  • Sun Glitters – Somewhere Nowhere
      Release: It Took Me a While / Somewhere Nowhere – Single
      Label: DXFXWXU Collective
  • Emancipator & 9 Theory – Tangerine Sour
      Release: A Thousand Clouds – EP
      Label: Loci Records
  • Komodo – Concept 11
      Release: Still Life
      Label: Points Records
  • King Shi – Father’s Love
      Release: Jupiter Blues
      Label: Tekhedz and Millennium Jazz Music
  • Teen Daze – Modern Compromise
      Release: Modern Compromise – Single
      Label: Flora
  • Almanacs – Coyote Blanco
      Release: Spirits of the River
      Label: Mystery Circles
  • Richard Alfaro – Alone
      Release: Refract
      Label: Richard Alfaro

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Photo: “Sunrise at Sunset Crater Volcano”. Credit: Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument/National Park Service, public domain [i].